Over the past few months, I have been working on a developing my new idea for a startup. I have started floating my idea to friends and family to see if it’s viable, talking to other technology entrepreneurs I know as well as doing market research, competitor research and thinking about how to go about building an MVP (minimum viable product).

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I’m at a point in the progression of this business that I need some help. As the lone non-technical founder of a startup, I am looking to add a technical cofounder to the team to start creating an MVP along with planning and even getting the right investors involved at the right point. I have also been looking into Y Cobinator and TechStars as a potential way to kick start the business and get some great hands on help at the beginning.

I am looking for a connection or to be introduced to someone who is smart and knows how to program or can learn a particular language quickly. My initial thoughts are along the lines of an iPhone and/or Android application, but that is not set in stone and might change as the idea evolves. Mostly though, I’m looking for someone who is driven, smart, and that I get along with because that is ultimately what makes up a good co-founder. When starting a business, the co-founders spend a lot of time together and they have to be able to get along, share, and respectfully criticize each other’s work.

If you yourself are, or know of someone who is technical and would be interested in working on a startup with me, I would appreciate an introduction to start discussing possibilities with him/her. If you have any questions or thoughts on this, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am looking forward to the possibilities of this startup and meeting someone just as excited about the idea.

One of my friends who has started a few companies sent me this article that I think is good at explaining cofounders and what to look for: What A Nerd Looks for in a Non-Technical Cofounder. Take a peak and let me know what you think.

I walked into Pizza Hut a few weeks ago and witnessed a scene I want to never have happen in my life with my kids.  I saw a mother and her daughter, probably around the age of 6, sitting on a bench waiting for a table.  The daughter was sitting in a ballerina outfit and was fidgeting around a bit while investigating the small candy machines standing next to her.  She clearly wanted some sort of interaction from her mother as she kept looking at the machines then back at her mother.  Unfortunately for the daughter, her mother was sitting next to her staring at her smart phone, not paying any attention to her daughter! This went on for the entire time I was there. I could not believe that the mother was out to eat with her daughter, no one else in their group, and she wasn’t paying any attention to her. Kids need interaction, they need attention, and they need love to grow up properly. This mother was clearly too busy to give her daughter any of that.

Kids need human interaction to grow. Kids have so many “learning disabilities” because parents are not involved in their lives and their learning. They are too busy with their technology and this is becoming more apparent through other aspects of life as well.  I was driving down the highway yesterday for 10 minutes and just thought I’d observe how many people were driving technologically illegally.  This means they were either texting while driving, or they were on the phone (as well as texting while driving, it is illegal in NY to drive while talking on the cell phone without a hands free device).  I counted 7 people talking on the cell phone and 3 people texting in just 10 minutes. That’s 1 person every minute that was driving illegally. And I was driving WITH traffic. I couldn’t see across the median to the drivers on the other side of the road. Driving a car is dangerous enough, why add the distraction of a phone and not look at the road? What is it about technology that has made us think that we can ignore whatever else we are doing and take care of our phones? Driving a 2 ton machine that can easily kill you and others doesn’t matter as much as a text or phone call apparently.  Even your own child apparently doesn’t matter as much as your phone does now.  This country is controlled by cell phones and it is degrading our society.

Do you think technology is being overused in our lives? Do you think it’s just an easy way for parents to entertain their kids without having to put in a lot of effort? Do you think it’s contributing to kids learning disabilities and other problems they grow up with? Leave your comments.

I have traveled fairly consistently for the beginning part of my professional career.  On average while working at Epic, I traveled about 2 weeks out of a month, some times more, rarely less. I have also been traveling a bit since I started working for Blue Apple Productions. I went to Orlando for the IAPPA convention, back to Orlando for the Disney Showcase Soccer Tournament, and other various places. During all of my airtravel I have been observant, as I usually am, of other travelers around me. What I cannot grasp is why travelers are so defiant – particularly on the actual planes.  I would hate to be a flight attendant because of everyones attitude when flying.

Just recently I was upgraded to first class due to my status and frequency of flying on this particular airline, and sat next to one of the worst travelers I have ever seen.  He was obviously a businessman and traveled a lot, but so was I and I cannot believe the complete disregard for rules and airline regulations.  A perk of flying first class is that you get to load first and can sip on a drink while everybody else in the plane loads.  This gentleman sitting next to me had his seat reclined and relaxing while reading his paper.  No problem, I sometimes do the same thing.  The next point of note is when the airplace boarding door was shut. If you have flown recently, you know that you must turn off all electronic devices once that boarding door is closed (not just airplane mode, but completely off).  The gentleman sitting next to me completely disregarded this FAA requirement mentioned by the flight attendant and continued to work on his phone, hiding it anytime a flight attendant walked by.  Is he really going to miss that much on his precious phone for the 10 extra minutes he will be able to use it on the ground? One he gets up in the air, it is useless anyway.  In addition, why are you willing to risk the safety of over 100 people on board by keeping your phone on? The radio signals from your phone could interfere with the radio communications the pilots have with ATC according to the FAA.  Why can’t people understand that these rules are in place for a reason. 

After the boarding door had been closed, the flight attendant came by and asked my seat partner to bring his seatback up to its upright and locked position and helped him to that position.  Once the flight attendant had left the area, he immediatly put it right back down to his reclined position! How defiant can you actually be?  I could not believe how directly inconsiderate he was being to the flight attendants and to the rest of the people around him. Wait the stupid 10 minutes till we get in the air, then you can recline all you want until we land! I understand it is a huge inconvenience for you to have to sit upright for a short period of time, but you know what – its for your own safety – but I guess he’s too thick headed to understand that. He probably knows best about everything and that is why he chooses to ignore rules and regulations. 

He left his phone on for the entire flight and did the same exact thing with his seat back at the end of the flight while we were landing. 

Rules and regulations are in place for a reason.  Sometimes they are excessive and therefore should be challenged, but should be followed until you understand why they are that way and challenge them to try to get them reverted.  But if rules are in place, they should be followed. This is a reason why business in the U.S. is so screwed up. Businesses that follow the rules and laws don’t grow as quickly as those that take shortcuts and do not follow all of the regulatory requirements, etc.  So those businesses that do follow the rules are left to work harder, and ultimately fail because they cannot compete with the businesses that grow quickly and eat up all of the business.  Then we run into situations like Enron and Bernard Madoff. 

Unfortunately it is now our job as consumers to ensure that those businesses we receive services or goods from are legitimate businesses.  To ensure that they have appropriate insurance, and follow the appropriate rules and regulations of the city, state, and country.  The government can’t do it because there are just too many businesses out there. So once again, the responsibility falls to us as consumers.  Enjoy the responsibility and please follow rules where appropriate.  It may not seem like you alone can help, but if you do it, others will follow.

Do you think that rules are made to be broken? Or do you think they should be followed? Do you feel that businesses should be regulated more so that situations like Enron and Bernard Madoff can’t happen? Leave your thoughts in the comments.